Acceptance …I Just Have to Stop Fighting Against It!


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Sometimes it seems very difficult to “accept” something you think is not acceptable. It could be as small as a personal thing to you or as large as the unfairness of life all humanity experiences at times.

As this card implies you don’t have to feel like you are agreeing or endorsing something to be able to accept it. I’m not saying you shouldn’t resist or stand up against something you strongly disagree with but when you stop fighting against something you can’t change your stress level goes down. It doesn’t mean you like it or agree with it but sometimes, when you have done all you can about a circumstance or situation, you have to let it go. At this point it is often helpful to draw from your spiritual strength to “give something up” to God and draw from His strength to go on with your life. In reality you may find yourself having to do this over and over as “letting go” is often a process.

Use this Card to…

  • Help people to reduce their own stress
  • Clarify if it is something you can or can’t change
  • Accept something YOU can’t change
  • Help others learn to accept what they can’t change