Be Careful What You Leave Behind


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Aw, success! That age old quest that mankind has longed for in all generations and in all time periods. Some, admittedly, have yearned for it more than others but I’m sure it has crossed all human beings’ minds and thoughts. But exactly what is success? In ancient days success may have been killing a wild animal and having meat for the family to eat. Now we just go the grocery store and they are already killed, cleaned, processed, wrapped and priced. All we have to do is cook them.

Nowadays it seems that success is more associated with financial gain. Who makes the most money? Who has the biggest house, car, or bank account? Who has the most prestigious car, or perhaps they even have their own jet? What about sports, who is number one? Or for women who sets the trend in style and fashion? Which model gets paid the most or appears in more magazines? What about Hollywood? Who has the most Emmys or Oscars ? Who is in the hottest films, or the most films? Yes, success can be measured in many ways, but perhaps one of the most surprising is not money, achievements, prestige, or looks. One of the lest thought about ways to measure success is time? Did you ever think that you don’t have to try to figure out what your priorities are in life? Actually your time tells you. We can make all the excuses and rationalizations we want to but the truth is always the same. We have time for what really matters. Difficult as that may be to swallow it is true.

So the question then becomes what do I spend my time doing? Do I stay at the office making a million dollars and not have any time for my family? Is that what makes me a success? Whether it is being away for six months making a movie, working endless nights and weekends in your job, or being on the road for sports of music trips several months of the year, we well never get those moments back in life.

I have found in my counseling it is often a crisis or tragedy that awakens a person to the real priorities and success in life…..good healthy relationships. It also seems to become clearer as we get older. I hope this card makes you reevaluate what real success is.
Use this card to…

  • Reassess priorities
  • Set healthy boundaries between work and family time
  • Remember why one works so hard and not get lost in the work itself