Choosing Not to Choose is a Choice


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Now why do you suppose someone would avoid or choose not to choose? I’m sure there are many reasons. Sometimes people think if they just avoid the situation long enough it will correct itself. Sometimes that is true and does happen. Another reason people avoid is that they feel a lack of confidence. They fear whatever they choose may not be the right, correct, or perfect choice. Sometimes that is true and does happen. A third reason people don’t choose is that they fear someone may be hurt by the choice they make. Sometimes that is true and does happen. (Are you getting the pattern here?) Yes, the truth is that any time you make a choice any or all of these risks exist. But what is the cost of consistently not choosing? Although you may not see it this way, the World loses. There is only one you in all the World. You have the necessary input that would help certain people and situations. So what if someone doesn’t agree with you. It doesn’t make you any less important or them any more important. Remember the famous quote, “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”. You don’t have to beat a drum to prove your point, but your thoughts and actions are just as important as anyone’s. Be respectful, speak and treat people as you would want to be spoken to and treated but don’t deny the people in your circle of life a very important asset in their lives…….you!

Use this card to…

  • Remind yourself that your thoughts matter too
  • Speak up more
  • Avoid less
  • Respectfully choose and share, allowing the results to take care of themselves
  • Participate more and make the World a richer place