Divorce is not Spelled FAILURE


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Divorce is awful. No one marries a person in order to go through a divorce. In fact the Bible speaks strongly against it. In Jesus’ own words, when they tried to trick Him, stated that divorce was not meant to be from the beginning but because of one’s “hardness of heart” a writ of divorce was permitted to be given. What does “hardness of the heart” mean. I have wrestled with this many times. Is it the wife yelling in anger at her husband for drinking year after year, or the husband, funny and soft spoken as he may be, who desires the “mistress” in his bottle more than his wife?

Yes, I think God hates divorce, but He doesn’t hate divorced people. He hates the pain and suffering it brings to everyone involved. If you have children you will still have to deal with each other. Financially no one wins, not to mention the emotional anguish, stress, and self doubt of feeling like you failed at one of the most important relationships of life.
But divorce is not spelled f-a-i-l-u-r-e. If we learn from our pain and suffering we become wiser and better people. I hope this card will help you forgive, let go, and move on with life. Divorces is a very sad thing but a lifetime of bitterness and resentment from it, is far worse.

Use this card to…

  • Help one get a more objective view of divorce
  • Ease the pain of self condemnation or bitterness toward the other party
  • Give the person hope that there is life after divorce
  • Encourage one begin to look for new life goals after divorce