Do It Scared!


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We all have fear at times. That is normal, but controlling fear is too much fear. A football player in high school discovers he has more inside himself at times when he plays hurt. Soldiers look back in war at times and wonder who it was that did what they did because they were too scared….but they did it anyway.
Similarly when we make ourselves “do it” even when we are afraid we find we can do more than we “felt” we could. In addition each time you face down a fear it has less and less power over you. Conversely the each time you give in to it, you strengthen it. You may even want to discuss your fear with a close friend and ask for his/her aide in helping you be accountable in facing your fear.

Use this card to…

  • Motivate yourself or others to confront their fears
  • Help yourself believe in yourself more
  • Help others believe in themselves
  • Normalize your fear but not let it control you