Do the Opposite Behavior


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Depression and anxiety tend to make us implode and withdraw. This card helps you realize your need not to give in to the depression or anxiety but do the opposite behavior of what you often want to do. Note the card does not say “feel” the opposite behavior but “do” the opposite behavior.

So if you don’t feel like doing anything what should you do? Something! If you don’t feel like talking to someone what should you do? Call a friend and get a conversation started. Exhausting as people may be at times when we don’t feel (there’s that word again) like talking or being around them, they often pull us out of our world. Distractions are often very helpful for changing a depressed or anxious mood, and people are often a great distraction. You know which ones, those that will listen, be honest with you but not judge you, and those that make you laugh.

Use this Card to…

  • Help yourself get outside of yourself
  • Increase your self discipline
  • Increase your resistance to give in to depression and anxiety
  • Push yourself to do what you need to do to lessen your depression or anxiety