Do You Know What This Man Does?


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Hand this card to someone straight up so they will see the face and ask them if they
can answer the question about the individual. When they look it over and can’t
tell you what he does have then turn the card about 30 degrees to their left and see.
If they can still are unable to see point out the word “liar”.
After they “ah-ha” a moment about the illusion suggest they keep it around for various
situations. If spiritual they may need to be reminded of Satan being a liar. If they are
very gullible you may use it to suggest they think a little more about some people in
their lives and the motives they may have toward them. Or if there is a specific person
you think may be lying to them and they don’t see it you may use this card to try to help
alert them to it.

(A word of caution) Be sure that you feel sure someone is lying to try to take advantage
of your friend before you try something like this. Also keep in mind they may not take it
the way you intend and may defend the other person. So be willing to accept that you can’t
change your friend. You can only try to point out something that you think may help them.
If you can’t have that kind of attitude and be able to let them still make their own decision you
many not want to use the card. And truthfully, you may need to check your attitude.

In Satan’s case you don’t have anything to worry about. He has been a liar from the beginning according to Jesus.

Use this card to…

  • Remind someone of Satan’s lies to them
  • Try to open someone’s eyes to not be so naïve in certain relationships
  • Get a person to ask themselves if they even filter anything people say to them as possibly lying
  • Open a person up to the possibility of a specific person lying to them