Focus on the Positive


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When negative things happen we often begin to notice them more and more. Then our perception seems to become one of negative spiraling.

This card is to help you come back and see the positives within the negatives. It does not deny the negative but adds to it a positive awareness. An example may be, “I may not have the ideal job, but at least I have a job”, or “I may not have made the “A” I wanted on the test, but between my working and raising a family, I’m glad I got at least a “B”.

For you perfectionist, you don’t have to have a 100% success to see some positive in an action or interaction.

Use this card to…

  • Help you see the positive in the negative
  • Shift your thinking from negative to positive
  • Become more grateful
  • Keep yourself motivated with small successes rather than discouraged by unrealistic expectations