Heart Talks From Grandparents


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Created for the older generation to impart wisdom to the younger, Heart Talks From Grandparents, is a collection of sixty-six humorous, eye opening, thought provoking, wisdom invoking, open ended sentences for the older to complete for the younger.

In this flip chart type book in landscape form, 4.25″ x 7″, there are 66 incomplete sentences or thoughts in which the reader may answer verbally or in his own hand writing in the book for the younger person to have forever. It is a great gift for the next generation, a treasure for his or her future.  For example, how would you complete the following?  #2 “Two traits or qualities that I think are most likely to bring you success are…”,  # 37 “If I were your age one big change I would make sooner rather than later is…”,  #49 “If l could leave you one lesson that I have learned from life it would be…”, and  #66 “What l hope you take away most from my sharing this book with you is…