How Important Is It?


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We all get stressed at times. This card is designed to help you look more objectively at your stressful situation. The question is not is something important, but “How” important is it? Is your job so important that you don’t have time for your family? Are you working so many hours to earn so much that you don’t have time to enjoy things? Or, on the other hand, are things that should be important to you not? Do you know of someone (child, elderly, handicapped, etc.) that is being taken advantage of? Have you done what you can to help the person in that situation or is it “Not” important enough? What about your own health? Do you exercise, get enough rest, and eat healthily? If not, why not? Is it not that important?

Dr. James Dobson, psychologist, once said that you don’t have to ask what your priorities are. You just have to look honestly at what you do with your time, because, you have time for what is really important.

Use this card to…

  • become more objective about stressful situations
  • clarify priorities
  • increase motivation
  • stop molehills from becoming mountains