I Give Myself Permission To Make A Mistake Today


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Perfectionist often think that if they fail at something it makes them a failure. Seldom, if ever, does one attain anything worth attaining without failures along the way. Learning from our failures makes us successful, not never failing. This perfectionistic unrealistic mindset often causes other difficulties such as procrastination and failing to complete tasks. These are often rooted in the conscious or unconscious fear of failure. If I don’t start a project or don’t complete it I don’t have to worry about failing and thus being a failure. No one likes to fail but as the journey of life continues we often learn that some of our most meaningful periods of growth come from our failures. A great quote from Billy Graham states , “Mountaintops are for inspiration but the fruit grows in the valley”.

Use this card to…

  • Give up unrealistic expectations of yourself
  • Develop a more realistic outlook on yourself
  • Learn and grow from your mistakes
  • Be willing to risk and try new things
  • Increase you likelihood of completing tasks