It Always Comes Down To Teamwork… Thanks!


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Seldom do we accomplish anything by ourselves. I know at times we would like to believe that but in reality it is not usually true. Think of one thing you feel you are good at and think of all the people that helped you. Using myself as an example I’d like to think that I am a good counselor. If that is true there is a myriad of “team” members, if you will, that have contributed. First I have a wife who encouraged me. I had the US Army who helped pay for some or my earlier education. I had trainers who were patient and yet truthful with me to help me learn various skills. I had professors and conference speakers who themselves studied long sacrificial hours to be more knowledgeable so they could transmit that knowledge to myself and others. Also what may seem surprising is that my clients have also helped me grow and learn by their honestly and being willing to trust me with deep painful issues.

Now on a more literal team I have other therapist in the office I can anonymously bounce cases off. I have psychiatrists and a physician’s assistant of whom I can ask technical medical questions. I have other office personnel that fax records, check clients out, set up appointments, and make sure bills are paid.

Take a moment to think of all the people (team members) who have helped you get where you are. Now think of the ones that are currently involved in actually helping you with whatever job, goal, project, etc. you have. If it is raising children, have you thanked your teammate (spouse) lately? Is it your office personnel whom you have been taking for granted lately or for some time? Let them know you appreciate them. How about even something so noble as your church. Who is on staff or a church member whom you have you not told you appreciate in a while? Well, what are you waiting for?   …Your welcome!

Use this Card to…

  • Quicken your mind to remember who you have been taking for granted
  • Come up with creative ways to let people know how much you appreciate them
  • Brighten up someone’s day by giving them a card like this