It is Easier to Avoid Temptation Than… Resist It.


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We are all tempted by something at times. Aside from illegal drugs, which are in category all their own, we all have ordinary legal temptations. I will use food just to give you an idea of how many ways we can be tempted. We can be tempted to eat too much food, eat unhealthy food, or eat food at the wrong time such as late at night. Whether it is food, alcohol, sex, impulse buying, watching too much TV, or over texting, the substance or activity is not usually the core issue.

The question is not so much what we are tempted by, but why we are tempted. The bottom line is that it usually comes down to dissatisfaction with life, ourselves, or both. Whether it is anger, guilt, fear, boredom, or loneliness, most temptation comes from not being content.

Now the even more important question is what to do about the temptation. First I would suggest that you admit to yourself that you have weakness in a particular area. I would then suggest you begin to visualize yourself in the way you want to be for your goal of overcoming the temptation. Finally I would begin to devise a plan to put your goals into action. This may include a support group, becoming more educated about the what your are tempted by, and/or getting an accountability partner (s) to help support and challenge you. But always remember that it is easier to avoid than resist temptation. Think and act wisely.

Use this card to…

  • Develop self discipline
  • Remind yourself to be proactive in your coping with temptation
  • Work on finding an accountability partner(s) to help you with your temptation