Life is What Happens While You’re Waiting for It.


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Believe it or not boredom can be a cause of stress. The human mind likes to be stimulated and engaged, albeit to varying degrees depending on the personality. This lack of stimulation is part of what makes isolation or solitary confinement so difficult.

So if you are at work and you feel bored be proactive. Go and find something productive to do. Initiate activities, become creative, ask your supervisor about other things you can do. It will not only help relieve your boredom but will likely impress him/her.

If bored not at work, write down some goals for yourself. Try to put them in various time slots. For example, “Within five hours I will have __________________. Within five days from now I will have __________________. Within five weeks from now I will have_____________.,” etc. You can take it as far out as you like. Writing it down and looking at it is a good way to make yourself “self accountable”. This exercise also helps your mind to become more creative and focused.

Prolonged boredom can lead to negative addictive behaviors. You’ve only got so long in this life. Don’t waste it being bored…..Carpe Diem!

Use this card to…

  • Be more productive at your job
  • Plan goals and ideas rather than just sitting around being bored
  • Activate your creativity
  • Make yourself more accountable….to yourself
  • Remind yourself that boredom can be overcome