Read This Sentence Below In 10 Seconds


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I find what we don’t see in life is as amazing as what we do. It is as though there are whole worlds around us of which we are unaware. And even when we do see something and completely understand it, another world pops up inside of it. Somehow all this makes me think of God.

Given this card most people will see two to four “F’s”. There are actually six. The reason most people only see three is that they don’t count the “F’s” in the “of’s”. When you say the word “of” what letters do you heard? Most people hear an “o” and a “v”, thus their brain completely overlooks the “f”.

To accentuate the point, depending on the setting, I may ask someone sitting with their right leg crossed over their left if their right leg hurts. I usually hear, “no”. Then I ask how it could not be hurting as they are obviously cutting off the circulation to the upper part of the leg. If this occurs in a counseling session I may then ask them what is the most important thing happening in the room. Most say the discussion we are having. Then I point out that if our hearts weren’t beating, the conversation wouldn’t last very long. But we are not consciously aware of telling our heart to beat.

This card is to help you remember that there are all kinds of things going on that you are not aware of, not the lest of which may be, something God is working on in your life for you to learn. Are you looking for the hidden spiritual “f’s” in your life? Open those spiritual eyes and you may be surprised what God will reveal to you.

Use this card to…

  • Just have some fun and lighten up the moment
  • Help people become more conscious of things all around them
  • If you are of a spiritual mind point out that God may be working in ways in our lives that we are not conscious of
  • If in a group setting point out that people often don’t see the same thing, even though they look at the same thing. (In a group you will usually have several different answers if you ask them to call out their answers simultaneously at the end of 10 seconds.)