Reading Test Surprise


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This card is pretty self explanatory.  Why it works is another story.  The human brain wants to understand and put things in a way it can make sense of.  I the case of this funny little card it is good because you can fill in the blanks and make sense of the seemingly nonsensical words.  However the brains desire to do the same with, for example, communication, can be a problem.  Sometimes we find ourselves “filling in the blanks” in the communication rather than listening.  Although in this case it can be funny and entertaining, I don’t think the person who is attempting to communicate with you would think the same if you filled in the blanks the wrong way.  So have fun with the card but watch how you use the same idea in other settings.


Use this card to…

… have fun with others

… explain how the brain wants to understand and make something familiar to itself

… make a point that, although this is fun and interesting, it doesn’t apply to all ways to look at things.