Remember It’s Only a Thought


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Thoughts are very powerful.  Everything you see that is man made originated with a thought,shoes, houses, cars, musical instruments, paper clips, computers.  The list is endless.  Yes, it all started off in someone’s brain as neuron firing, or more likely several.  Then at some point it became conscious to the person, they pondered on it, and perhaps talked to someone else about it and walla.  However thoughts about things we can do something about and thoughts about things we can’t are two different ball games.  You can create, invent, build, etc. in the physical world.  You don’t have as much “control” in the relational world.

Many times thoughts that worry us are about things we can’t control.  For example, many people worry about if someone is upset with them or if they haven’t made everyone happy.  Others worry about things in the past they can’t do anything about or things in the future they can’t do anything about….yet.  Often these are wasted, draining, thoughts that steal our energy and motivation.

At times we also have scarey thoughts.  These can be violent, aggressive, or even morally repulsive thoughts that disturb us greatly and make us question ourselves.   Unfortunately, due to the nature of these thoughts, and especially if we obsess on them, we don’t let anyone know the thoughts.  We fear their reaction and thus we isolate ourselves with these thoughts.  Sadly this is the worst thing we can do.  We need to bring them “out of the darkness into the light” and let others know.  Perhaps we may actually be approaching a break with reality.  Perhaps we really are about to do something violent and need to be put in a safe place temporarily for our sake or others.  But more likely we are creating our own torment.  Remembering this card helps one realize it is only a thought and doesn’t necessarily mean one is going to do what he/she is thinking.  I realize the fear of exposing certain thoughts is quite strong, but that is likely just what we need to do.  It may be of help to start with someone non related, professional, and who works with obsessive compulsive disorder.  They may be able to help you sort though your thoughts and learn how to understand and deal with them better.  If you don’t have a therapist in mind or in your area, you may want to start with your family doctor.


Use this card to…

… help you be more objective about thoughts versus actions

… motivate you to speak to someone about thoughts that seem to keep you agitated

… monitor whether you are just having an occasional thought or a continual pattern of obsessing