Still Feeling a Little ADD?


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Although the clinically correct terminology is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), many people use the abbreviation ADD. Often younger children may have both the inattentive and hyperactive aspects. However, as we get older sometimes we are not as hyper but retain the inattentive quality. This is more frequently found in “Adult ADD”.

The inattentive aspect may include such behaviors as forgetting what you went some where for, being easily distracted and having difficulty refocusing on your task, and forgetting items you may need to accomplish a task, just to mention a few. Sound familiar? Yes other issues like an over load of stress can cause similar difficulties.

Thus the clinical diagnosis of ADHD or Adult ADD is not just having a group of behaviors but assessing if the behaviors create a “Disorder” for the person. Are they intrusive, repetitive, or extensive enough to cause significant difficulty in an important area of life such as school, vocation, family, or other interpersonal relationships.

These two cards are designed to help individuals with ADHD or Adult ADD but also for those of us who may also have some of these behaviors caused by excessive stress.

Having some adult ADD myself it is easy for me to go from one task to another all of which seem important. However asking what my result was for turning on the computer helps me focus on that rather than side tracking on a project that may need to be done but can wait or responding voice mails I can answer later, both of which may lead to other tasks I get into.

Use these cards to…

  • Help you focus
  • Prioritize your behaviors more effectively
  • Be more productive with your time
  • Keep your mind on the purpose of your activity