Take A Break Enjoy Life


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It has been said that overall the typical person in Europe works about 15% less than the typical American. But it seems that they only produce abut 12% less than Americans. So what happens to the other 3%?

In our work and studying we can reach a point of “diminishing returns”. What this means is that you are not as efficient and don’t get as much back for your time and effort. Many people have experienced this by pulling an “all nighter” while cramming for a test. It is very frustrating the next morning to be taking the test knowing you know the information but can’t bring it up to the forefront of your mind. You have reached the point of diminishing returns. In fact you probably reached it several hours ago but didn’t know it.
A good nights sleep sometimes does wonders for our ability to process information, think clearly, and actually improve our attitude.

And what is another name for sleep…rest!

Sometimes you don’t need a whole night of sleep but a short “power nap”. Other times you don’t even need that but just a break away from the mental grind. Walk around five minutes outside during the day. Sit back and close your eyes for three minutes. During this time contemplate the positives of your life. Go the bathroom for a couple of minutes just to get away from the crowd and noise. Push back from your desk and call a friend who makes you laugh when your about to explode. Or any of a hundred other ideas to take a short break. Be creative and think outside the box, but do it. You, your family, your nose, and likely even your boss will be grateful.

Use this card to…

  • Remind yourself when you need to take a break
  • Help you be creative and find ways to take a “minibreak”.
  • Keep you aware of the concept of diminishing returns
  • Make you a better employee by taking a “mini stress break “ when you need it and thus being more productive because of your better attitude and less stress