The Captain’s Pig


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This little card can be used for two purposes. The first is just for fun and have people smile
and like the little story. The other could be for the purpose of stressing obedience.

You start off talking about the captain of a ship who had a pet pig. The little pig loved to sail with his captain. He would frolic and play on the deck and run up and down the stairs. But as time went on the little pig became more and more restless and wanted to go to other places. In fact he wanted to get off the ship and run around on the ground. The captain new that there was danger in the various ports he would come into. This was especially true for a little pig running around lose. So he told him no that he would have to stay on the ship. Over time the little pig became more and more irritated with his captain until one day he decided he would make a break for it. He saw the land not too far away and jumped ship. But sadly the little pig should have listened to his captain because there was something in the water that would stop the little pig from ever even getting to the land. Can you tell what was in the water that stopped the little pig?

(Answer: Have them turn the card upside down. The pig becomes a shark.)

Feel free to make up any kind of story you want. The one above is only one idea.

Use this card to…

  • Just have fun and have people be surprised at the art work
  • Suggest a person be more wise about the possible dangers around them
  • Use it for a teaching idea about the importance of obedience
  • Remind yourself not to take your own circumstances for granted