The Difference Between a Dream And a Goal is… a Plan!


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The first time I heard this comment was on a Dave Ramsey radio program. He has used the concept to help thousands of people get out of debt and greatly improve their financial situation.

All of us have many dreams in life. As a child we may have dreamed of being a fireman or a teacher. Later in life we may dream of being a professional football player, rock star, or missionary to Africa.

What we learn in life is that dreams are like clouds in the sky. They seem to build until they take shape (in our mind) then slowly dismantle over time until they are gone. Then perhaps another cloud will form and also dissipate over time.

Imagine all the things that mankind has dreamed of on Earth. How many went all the way from an electric neurological impulse to a monumental creation such as the United States Interstate Highway System. How did this happen? If former President Dwight D. Eisenhower were here he would tell you it was plan after plan after plan. He saw the German Autobahn during World War II and now the United States Interstate Highway System bears his name. Perhaps he learned it accomplishing the dream of stopping Hitler and Germany in World War II with the goal of getting troops into Europe by the incredible plan of the Normandy invasion.

Remember that dreaming is the easy part, making a plan is the difficult part. Executing the plan is the hard part, enjoying the success is the easy part.

Take your dream to the next level….Make a plan!

Use this card to…

  • Help people realize the absolute necessity of a plan to be successful
  • Help people see the difference between a goal and a plan
  • Motivate people to make a plan
  • Remind people to keep working on their plan