The Official Appreciation Card


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In my years of counseling one of the universal frustrations I have seen in relationships is the feeling of not being appreciated. It could be a co-worker feeling like his supervisor or coworkers don’t notice what s/he does. It could be a spouse who thinks s/he is being taken for granted.

The truth is both of these situations happen frequently. From my work I have concluded it is often not because the person is trying to be that way but more likely s/he is caught up in his/her own stressful world. Unfortunately that doesn’t work very well as an excuse to the person that has been offended.

Hopefully this card, which you can give to someone or place it some where they will find it, will serve as a reminder to them that you really do appreciate them.
I believe most of us want to please the important people in our lives. One’s efforts being noticed and appreciated seems to only enhance that nature.

Use this card to…

  • Encourage someone by letting them know you appreciate them
  • Completely surprise someone by placing the card somewhere they will discover it
  • Motivate another person
  • Bring a surprise smile to someone