The Teacher Does Not Talk While The Student Is Taking A Test


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We all question at times what is going on in our lives. There are periods of time when we feel distant, alone, confused, and even that God isn’t there any more. Probably none of us will fully know the meaning of all the “silent periods”. However the longer we live the more likely we will see the outcomes of some and, at least to some degree, understand them.

Even so we will likely still be confused at times because not only do we not know everything in this life, I’m not sure we could even handle it if we did. We all live by some kind of faith. We have faith to some degree that the other fellow in that car coming at us at 60mph is going to stay in his lane. We believe the pilot of our plane, whom we have never even met, knows what he is doing and will land us safely at the next airport. We trust the surgeon whom we just met a little while ago will save your life on an operating table, along with some vital staff that you will never even meet. Yes, we all have some kind of faith to make it in this life.

I hope this card helps draw you closer to faith in God (The Teacher). He sees us in perfect light even when we feel we are in darkness.

Use this card to…

  • Help people remember what has helped them in the past and not forget it when trouble comes again
  • Develop an increasing faith
  • Accept times of confusion and uncertainty as normal in life but not lose faith or hope during them
  • To remember that God is there even when we can’t “feel” Him