What Is My Take Away From This?


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This is a great process question. What is the take away from the office meeting, the fender bender accident, the pastor’s sermon, the doctor’s comments, etc.?

It can be very useful to help you learn and grow rather than feel sorry for yourself and engage in self pity and can apply to many different types of situations. If you don’t get a job ask what is your take away from the interview rather than bad mouthing the company or feeling like a failure yourself. If you get “dressed down” by your boss, a friend, or collage ask yourself this questions once your defensiveness has settled down. Perhaps it is something you need to learn to make you a better person.

If you don’t have an open mind about yourself you will never grow but will stagnate in life. It isn’t always fun to learn things that make us grow and stretch us but it does often make us a better person. I would guess there are few things in life more important than that.

Oh and by the way, if you are fortunate enough to have friends that will tell you the truth respectfully, you need to let them know you appreciate it. Any experienced leader will tell you that you don’t grow and become a better person surrounded by a bunch of “yes” men.

So, what is your take away from these few paragraphs?

Use this Card to…

  • Push yourself to grow
  • Learn to not take yourself so seriously
  • Remind yourself of the importance of people’s honesty to you
  • Help you mature and not have a pity party when someone disagrees with you or sees things differently than you