What Kind of Animal Does This Look Like?


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If you hold this card vertical and look directly at it, it appears to be a frog. However if you turn it 90 degrees to you left it looks like a horse’s head. I use this card to humorously, and with fascination, pointing out that how you look at something (your perspective) can completely change its appearance, and meaning.
For example if a couple is doing great in their marriage and the wife asked her husband how his day was, he may indicate he played golf with Charlie and Fred and then they ate at the club restaurant. He may even ask her how her day went. On the other hand, if things are going badly in the marriage and the wife asks the same question, the husband may defensively retort, “Why do you always have to check up on me all the time? Why don’t you just worry about your own life?!”

You see the wife asked the same question to each, so it’s not the question, it is the perspective in which the question is received.
Another example may be the wife in my office who thinks her husband’s personality has changed over the ten years they have been married. When I ask how she thinks so, she replies that he used to be funny, entertaining, and fun to be with when they dated and the first few years in the marriage. When I ask how he has changed she may indicated that he is silly and immature now. It sounds like the same traits (humor) but her perspective of them has changed.

Use this card to…

  • Just have some fun and make people smile
  • Get them to see how much one’s perspective effects their interpretation of situations and interactions
  • Point out how radical our perspective can be (What, you can’t tell a frog from a horse?)
  • Point out that they have control of how they hold the card (their perspective)