Your Disappointments Reveal Your Expectations


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Sometime we tell ourselves something did not bother us when it really did. I suspect there are several reasons for this. We may honestly not realize something is bothering us until it breaks into our consciousness. Perhaps we know something is bothering us but we don’t want others to know that it is. Maybe we want to tell ourselves something is not bothering us because we don’t want to believe it. Whatever the case it is likely not going stop bothering us until we deal with it.

One of the ways to identify what is bothering you is to watch what disappoints you. You would not be disappointed if you didn’t have an expectation. If you go out and find a flat tire after a day at work why would you be upset? Did you expect your tire not to be flat? What about turning on a light switch and it doesn’t work? Why are you upset? Did you expect it to work? Keep in mind, I’m not saying all expectations are wrong just that we need to be aware of our expectations and ask ourselves if they are realistic or if we are taking too much for granted. High expectations with low patience is a prescription for frustration. However to lower our expectations and be more appreciative tends to lessen our stress level.

So the next time you find yourself disappointed ask yourself if your expectation was realistic and if you were taking something for granted that you should be more grateful for.

Use this Card to…

  • Identify what you take for granted
  • Check to see if your expectations are realistic
  • Remind yourself to be more appreciative of everyday blessings