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Each of the WOW (Words of Wisdom) cards below is representative of an 8 1/2 by 11 page of 10 identical perforated easy to tear off business size cards.   Depending on the message they are useful to give to friends, coworkers, employees, church members, family, and those who need to be uplifted or encouraged in any variety of ways.   They encompass a wide variety of experiences in the human spectrum including Fun/Message, Grief/Loss/Difficulty, Leadership, Life Balance, Motivation, Psychological Issues, Relational Issues, Self Examination, Spiritual Issues, Coping With Stress, and Success/Failure.  Look over the cards in these various categories and think of people in your life whom you can encourage in this simple but effective way.  The cost is just $2.00 per sheet!  Imagine being able to encourage ten people for that small a price.

To view them place the cursor over the picture.  Click on the plus sign when it appears.  Then click on the picture or the sheet of cards below it to enlarge them.  You can also scroll down and read suggestions of how to use the cards.


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